Monday, 27 February 2012

The new comics project has begun, which is super exciting. This the work that I've made for the two tasks so far. The first was to make four 4 panelled comics, and the second was to make a one page comic. I found that making the 4 panelled comic was surprisingly difficult. Having never done them before the task was really useful for understanding how to utilize very little time and space. My first instinct was to make gag strips that used each panel to build to a punchline. Similarly to Peanuts, which I was reading whilst doing them.The second task went really well, I managed to make 3 one page comics in one day! I felt much more comfortable having the extra space and allowing the story to unfold further. I'm really eager to explore making comics with more realistic and atmosphereic narratives, which is much more like the work I've been making for college briefs. This would be instead of gag strips and the sillier comics I made during the summer.