Friday, 7 June 2013

Wall painting in the studio, exhibition preparation.

For the exhibition in college I decided to paint almost life size figures, from the festival, onto the wall of the studio. It was a really good opportunity to produce something on a larger scale, as my comic is such a small scale. I also wanted to set the scene of the story, and cover the entire view of people looking, to reflect the feeling of being overwhelmed that the main characters experience.

The Festival Comic is real!

My comic has been printed! I was lucky enough to have the cool dudes at Avery Hill Publishers print it for me. We met when I took part in Comica. They're a small, independent publishers, producing work pretty similar to mine, so I thought that they would be the perfect publishers to print my comic. I'm really happy with how it came out, they did a brilliant job. It was really worth putting all of that time, effort and tears into it, to be able to create something more substantial then my previous comics. 
It's selling online on the Avery Hill website: