Saturday, 15 October 2011

Big drawing number 2.

Last night I decided to draw another image for the second task (do a big drawing that tells the whole story). I felt that my first drawing wasn't simplified enough. I really like the atmosphere and sense of space within this drawing, it definitly feels like the colour out of space. The flat black ink works well against the light paper, and even though it's a realistic drawing, it adds a level of surrealism, making the light very well defined. Even though I like this Lovecraft does often mention the presence of the unseen or the haziness, which is an element that I should consider whilst illustrating the story. I need to attempt a good balance of clarity and opaqueness because the combination is an essential part of Lovecraft's writing.
I don't think this image fully communicates the story, it's a static landscape view of the farm and the scenery around it. Even though it creates the right atmosphere for the whole story, it doesn't cover the main events or narrative. I think the abstract nature of my first drawing was successful because it added originality and had a stronger sense of narrative structure. If I do another drawing I would aim for it to have characteristics of both of the previous drawings.