Monday, 10 October 2011

Fiction work so far; observational drawings and paper books!

For the fiction project I decided to work on H.P. Lovecraft's 'The colour out of space'. It's a grusome story about the affects of a meteroite hitting down in Arkham, New England. The meteroite soon shrinks and disappers, making it apparent that something has seeped into the soil. Many mysterious events follow and it begins to destroy the life of the nearby family.
These are some of my observational drawings from over the summer, and a few books for the first task. My other drawings are on the wall in the studio. I got some really good feedback from a group tutorial last week, I realised that I had skipped ahead on some of them by adding to them. Instead of keeping them all completely observed. I also need to fill in some of the gaps I have; including, scientific parts and grusome descriptions. I added to these by visiting the huntarian musuem and sketching there. I feel like I'm collecting a better range and variation of images, instead just focusing on the atmosphere.The panelled images are pages from some of my books from the first task, which is to select a moment of the story and present it 4 or more perspectives. The moment I chose is the realisation of the luminous glow on everything organic on the farm. It's a part of the story that confirms the severe abnormality of the cases and situation. There begins to be many more perspectives, particularly from outsiders. It's good to be able to produce the books quickly without feeling pressure on the quality of the drawings. It feels really benefical to be considering the different perspectives of the same story, especially with a versatile story.

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