Friday, 14 October 2011

Working on big drawing.

Our second task is to create a large image that represents the story. The surveyor and Ammi Pearce (who is giving his account of the story) are at the bottom of the drawing. Branching off them is imagery from the story, like a visual speech bubble. I didn't plan the drawing first, I just started with a basic idea, so it feels spontanious but not particularly thought out. I like the idea and the appearance of the drawings, but I think I was attempting too much with the image. I want to make another large drawing which much more simplified. It's been really useful to start visualizing the story within one image or space because I was pushed to make quick decisions; like material, composition and drawing style. It's benefical because there are lots of elements that I can take forward with me.
I've been looking at Henry Darger's single space narrative paintings for inspiration. They are great examples of representations of multiple situations within the same space. Here all the girls in the blue dresses are probably the same girl.

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